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  • Radio SurSangam, a CRTC approved SCMO is Calgary’s first 24/7 South Asian programming service largely based on the South Asian Community.
    Established in 2001 with 100% Ethnic programming in various languages such as Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu.

  • There is a strong listenership which covers majority of the South Asian Community.

  • Radio SurSangam is an active member of the City of Calgary, supporting and participating in various organizations and NGO’s.

  • It has been an honour to serve Calgary’s South Asian community for over 10 years. We promote local talent, we engage youth in volunteer opportunities and we educate newcomers on the ways of Canadian life.

  • As a result we have sold an estimated of 25,000‐ 30,000 special receiver radio sets in the city of Calgary, with a listenership proportional to that.

  • Radio SurSangam is also widely listened to from its website and the Iphone application.

  • Advertisers are content with the services of Radio SurSangam, therefore most of the advertisers are long term advertisers.

  • Some of Our Proud Sponsors are Scotia Bank, The Brick, Wind, Bell, Mobilicity, Deerfoot Mall, ICICI Bank, SAIT & many more..


  • As a survey conducted by NRG Research Group, it is clearly visible that the most popular stations include 660AM‐CFFR (all news), 94.7FM‐CHKF (Fairchild), 98.5FM‐CIBK (Virgin), and SurSangam.

  • Notably, those of South Asian ethnic backgrounds are most likely to listen to SurSangam.

Advertiser Survey

A survey conducted by NRG Survey Group shows that out of the 56 surveyed advertisers of Radio SurSangam, most (79%) have been advertising with Radio SurSangam for more than two years.



Radio SurSangam has raised $321,000 during a radio‐thon (5 hour radio‐thon) in support of the Guru Nanak Dev Ji Vision Clinic (Alberta Children’s Hospital).

Rewarded by the Canadian Red Cross Association for collecting funds of over $200,000, which were used to assist thousands of victims in the Tsunami affected countries and the South Asian Earth Quake appeal and various other causes.

Proud Supporters and Participants of the Calgary Drug Awareness Foundation, Alberta Health Services, Calgary Police Services, RCMP, Indian Ex‐ Servicemen Immigrant Association, Dashmesh Culture Centre, Friends of Pakistan Canada, Arpan Likhari Sabha Calgary, Dashmesh Culture Senior Citizen Society, Maharashrata Sewa Samiti Organisation, and other various organizations.



Radio SurSangam has been the voice of Punjabi, Hindi & Urdu speaking community for the past ten years and has worked with various community associations to facilitate sending their message, have dialogue and discussions with listeners, provide up‐to‐date news in the languages it broadcasts and engage its listeners in healthy discussions on a broad range of topics during open‐line shows.

Radio SurSangam has also launched a newspaper (Punjabi National) in Calgary and Edmonton, which has created a strong and well established news network that collaborates with other news agencies, employs talented staff for translation, extraction and compilation of news, has local on‐road staff travelling within the city to provide live coverage of events and has established ties with local communities to capture up‐to‐date news for radio and newspaper.



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We have had the pleasure of an ongoing relationship with Radio Sursangam for some time now. This began several years ago when we were pursuing a way to attract more business in calgary. We contacted them, and very soon had arranged for live on location advertisement.
The return we received from ...

Phil Johnson
The Brick Warehouse LP

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